Stacy O'Dell



Get your album, EP or single recorded and mixed by a producer whose main goal is to bring your vision to life. Stacy will work hard to make your recording sound the way you envision it. He will push you to give the best possible performances to get the most professional-sounding tracks. He will also help to maximize your song's potentials and build on your strengths and abilities. Please contact us about our full production packages available.

Finding the right person who understands what you're looking for in a mix is essential and over and over I have found the right sound for my clients. Get your songs mixed by a pro with 14 years experience and see why a great mix is so crucial.

If you have recorded somewhere else or at home… you may be surprised at how incredible it can sound after being mixed by a pro…send us your tracks!
Editing, quantization, pitch correction, re-amping & sampling are not included in mixing… but if these things are necessary we will work with you on a flat rate to get you the most professional-sounding mix possible.
We will send you instructions on how we like to receive your tracks...


Tightness can play a big part in sonic quality. Getting your tracks tightened up by an expert can take sloppy or loose tracks to a more professional sound without losing performance and nuances that are important to retain individual character of your playing and your band's sound.

Pitch correcting:
Get your vocal tracks pitch-corrected by an expert. A lot of pitch correction can sound fake, weird and bad. We will make it pitch correct while retaining the natural sound and performance, without making it sound stiff or overtuned.
This is also very important with multiple harmonies. We can also fix the phrase timing to give it a more professional sound.

Overdub/Additional track production:
Strings, guitar lines and licks, percussion, organ, piano, fx's:
Parts can be written to add to the dimension of your songs, enhancing and making for a fuller sonic scape.

Re-amping & Sampling:
Requires D.I. or midi files:
You may have recorded at another studio and were unhappy with the tone of your guitar, bass & midi keys (piano, synth, organ, strings, midi effects). Or you may have recorded at home and couldn't record loudly… Send us your D.I. tracks and midi files!
Same as guitars… you may have recorded drums at another studio and were unhappy with the sound of your drums. 
We are experts at natural sound replacement and choosing sounds that fit stylistically with your band's sound.

We offer digital mastering. Send us your mixed songs!
We also work with some great mastering engineers who use analog gear. This always sounds the best to us, but of course it costs more.

All the services available at the studio or by Stacy are custom-priced to save you the most money. Please contact us and we will go over your needs in detail and customize a price that can fit almost any budget.